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IT Manager
Choice Solutions Ltd
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's Experience
IT Manager
Choice Solutions Ltd
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I dont see much difference in the work culture but Technology change is rapid. day to day more sophisticated features are being designed and implemented which is making IT administration easy and giving us a chance to serve users quickly. During the recent times IT Monitoriing, remote administration, cloud services and virutalization technologies has changed the face of IT. in turn helped alot to companies in managing their infrastructure cost.
Career Profile:
I am responsible for managing whole IT infrastructure in software development division which includes desktops, servers, network, information security and data center maintenance. I also manage and administer Data Center where all our staging and production servers are located. Managing all the services with a team of 7 and fulfilling the requirements of users and resolving issues makes me successful in this job. I am also responsible for managing the ISO policies and security practices across Organization wide and making a process oriented work environment.
The Decisions That Matter
During my start up days of professional career I have given importance to my interest which is into IT Administration. Basing on that I have approached few people who are experts in this field and taken their advises and suggestions and completed the course & certifications. I have completed Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certifications which gave me good knowledge and grip on my practical job.
Degrees That Matter:
Microsoft Certifications Cisco Certifications RedHat Certifications and most importantly ITIL Certification. Because not only technical expertise, along with that we should also know how to implement tasks in a process oriented way.
The Journey So Far:
I worked with many reputed Organizations like Nordic Infosoft, Precision Techserve, Semanticspace Technologies and now with Choice Solutions. During my professional career with Precision Techserve I got a chance to work with many clients and different environments which are into Medical transcription, BPO, KPO, Software Development, Testing, Manufacturing. Working with different clients above I gained experience on how each field will work and their technology requirements. I also worked as IT consultant for few companies in Hyderabad in setting up their initial infrastructure and providing the IT requirements of hardware according to their work requirement.
Growth Strategy:
Adopt new changes. Always check with updates and implement them so that our work becomes more sophisticated. and always share your knowledge to your peers and let them grow. I strongly believe in this quote and it is must implemented in professional career. "NEVER BE IRREPLACABLE. IF YOU CANT BE REPLACED, YOU WONT BE PROMOTED"
Professional Strengths:
As I have gained knowledge on working with different work environements My professional skill and expertise lay with Infrastructure architecture designing, and implementing. In my current job I am also doing administration which is my regular job. But my more interest and expertise is with designing Network infrastcuture.
Plans For The Future:
I want to start my own firm and be an Entrepreneur. Using my experience and expertise I am believing that I can build a strong foundation to my future own company.
Done Differently:
If I have to start my career again I would start my own firm and use my expertise into business.
Required Reading: is one website which i follow since 8 years. its a technical forum where you get answers for your issues with in hours from many experts. and i recommend all management books and self help books to grow up in life.
Contribution to the field
• Got the Best Employee of the Month Award for the month of August 2009 • Built a perfect network infrastructure when the network is in a Ground 0 . • Successfully completed ISO 27001 audit without a single observation where in the initial audit there were 7 NC’s. • Successfully completed Microsoft SAM audit, coordinated with Microsoft people submitted their requirements and got a clearance certificate from them. • First person to implement Network policy and procedure documents like Major Activity Log, Down Time Tracker, Weekly & Monthly reports. • Started a practice of circulating awareness mails to all employees regarding the IT Practices, Do’s and Don’ts. • Configured Google Apps mail servers for and centranex products of Versant Technologies. • Key person to participate in the implementation and configuration on server at hosting location. • Created Site – Site VPN connectivity between 2 clients in overseas and our Organization.worked all ISO Audits
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